The Eclipse


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The Eclipse 06:02
Of course I don't Want harm to those But sometimes, sometimes Real touch only knows Overshadowed Underexposed Short walk, open road No trust or flow Controlled, exposed Real world won't hold They won't connect later Now is the only later They won't connect later Now is the only later Hear now, this is it Hear now, this is it Hear now, this is the Eclipse Be bold let them go Hands heal and fortify bones Foster zeal and sharpen cones Don't let them forget home Overshadowed Underexposed
I Found You 04:44
I can recall the look on your face before you even told me your name Stepping sideways, pushed between people, I made a joke as I usually would Sarcasm thick, you shot it right back, followed by some playful laughter I wish I could remember I wish I knew the details I knew I wanted to talk to you after I found you I found you You bring me peace It’s all so easy to do Second conversation about the status of the speakers, I think we both wanted something different I might be exaggerating the dazzle of our discourse but I think we both wanted something different If the me now could talk to me then, I’d tell myself to play this one right But losing your contact didn’t stop me from bumping into you on an innocent night From the power of our passion to the clarity of our calm, it’s like it’s choreography One decision here or there would’ve destroyed our fateful geography If the me now could talk to me then, I probably wouldn’t say a thing I’d just sit back, sit back in the dark, and watch while I bought you a drink
Once 04:38
You can’t tell me it can only happen once You can’t tell me I’m not allowed to call it love Either way, either way, either way, I’m gone You’ve seen times when I was quick to disrespect Opportunistic. Always postering for effect. Either way, either way, either way, I’m gone Easy bottom feeding. Never came here for a face. It’s hard to imagine I’d meet you in this place. Either way, either way, either way, I’m gone Either way, either way, either way, I’m gone I found someone who sets my blood ablaze. It’s hard to imagine those light and shallow days. Either way, either way, either way, I’m gone I want you to be there on my final days I want you to kiss me when I cast my final gaze I want you to be there on the day I close my eyes I want you to hold me close when I die
No Plans 06:34
n rolls the fog and I can just make out the rocks Afternoon activities sojourn on the docks I’m missing your presence but it seems like you’re here I’m inhaling the present...exhaling the fear Poignant words from a surprising source Resonate profoundly with both pith and force We can only decide with what we know now We can only proceed the way we know how I have no plans today Snippets of conversation in the sand Mostly of gossip, some of them more grand I’m soaking in the sun, I’m soaking in the din I’m thinking about someone who’s been where I’ve never been Creating community doesn’t need to be so bold Start with those around us and bring others into the fold We can only make it better, we already know how We can be in pure land on the spot we’re standing now I have no plans today It’s a very pleasing foray To ease with a smile or a chat by the bay Just saying it’ll be OK Goes much further than ignoring our prey So come back to yourself and pray Or do whatever you call calming your mind and learning to stay I have no plans today I have no plans today
I’m not used to this approach Lying on the beach taking pictures of myself Writing up a speech Taking old words off the shelf This must be what it felt like before This must be what it feels like again I’m not used to this reaction Or even lasting satisfaction I’m writing poems for nothing And considering drastic action This must be what it felt like before This must be what it feels like again You know that I am carrying some old weight But just like that, it’s like giving it away This must be what it felt like before This must be what it feels like again
Alongside 04:18
As You Rise 02:41
Captivated by your scent Fascinated by your ascent Captivated by your scent Fascinated by your ascent Alongside as you rise Alongside, I’m mesmerized Alongside, my head in your thighs Alongside as you rise
Singling you out is second nature In a sea it takes my gaze Only a few minutes to locate A second that your face will be trained on mine Our synapses must be conductive Through blankets and hair and twine You whisper that I always bring you pleasure But the pleasure is all mine He loves her He adores her He always speaks about how she’s his girl With the greatest face And the way he would kiss her cheek And in May, there’d be blooms and peaks And today Collecting sea glass in a jar A boat comes from the south coast Organ grinder beckons us in The end of the fog seems so far Her sated stare as she tiptoed towards us She won’t recall this cartwheel Lying face up with one hand clenched I’m sure I talked off her ear Yeah, with that favorite face And the way he would kiss her cheek And in May, there’d be blooms and peaks And the way, we’d love to speak About the days, when we sang all week And we played And we played
Cover for Me 06:46
I don’t mind that you dropped me on my head When I was 5, or was it 8, or was it 10 I don’t mind that you burned me with the lightbulb And said it was an accident How did you convince me to say I bumped my head when they came home and my eyes were red? I guess my little head hated to fight Bowl cut hair over watering eyes It might trouble to leave us alone Cuz I might burn down the porch of our home It might dangerous to leave us be Cuz I might burn a mouthpiece to the pot of tea Always the innocent one, never doing wrong You broke them in and I sang them a song You covered for me when my cover was blown You covered for me when my cover was blown
Two hours past, 2 miles past Breathing, staying, I was calm But it continued and the clowns complained My efforts were collapsed in vain I tried to calm my sleep but I just can’t I woke you three times with my skin slick I thrash when I switch sides to feel the fan But my patience and my breath just won’t stick Your patience is an inspiration, you never complain Massaging my logistics, my love, and my brain Silently assisting and not clamoring for credit When my fuse is shortened you tell me not fret it We both try to follow this path A mindful way is well within my grasp I try to be as patient as I can I try to make myself a better man Once I’m able to embrace this loss We can marvel at how our paths have crossed And now my way is not only mine The mazes and clearings, we’ll trek them in time You try to calm my sleep and I know that you can We’ll wake and assume our perfectly fit spot I’ll ask you what you think without moving my mouth Your hand will tighten and you’ll make the tiniest sound
Clear Seas 04:33
Don’t cover your face with your hair I want to see... ...You worry too much that your makeup will reveal what I see as beauty and I see as clear seas and ideas of purity and I want to see these things Don’t try to distract with your mouth Or try to offset with your words The clarity of your eyes The charity of your smiles Don’t hide your charm with a joke You know they’ll love what you spoke Your meaningful thoughts are gold Your words a wonder untold High seas and exotic cheese Southern keys and 23s Being peace and giving trees Begging to please and receiving tease Trying to ease the suffering please 17s and 23s 17s and 23s
Common Sense 04:24
There’s not enough space Not enough room for silence The conversation cannot lull No time to ponder or mull All we need in a fake town Consistency and a costumed clown Narrowing palettes and pontificating fools Germ killing gel on every molecule I crave space and silence Or a muffled breath and a hum Isn’t that where we came from? Common Sense should be enough Don’t be so intense, let them be rough Red kites to fly Instead of buttons and screens There’s more to learn in the trees Than in those attention holes There’s something for everyone But it’s so uninformed That it make unbearable chatterboxes Out of the well-meaning I want air and calm conversation I want to feast on what I touched Why does simple seem like asking too much Why does simple seem like asking too much Life in a strip Enclosed in the snow globe With no snow and no glow From any gathered fire


Epic art rockers The Vital Might releases its 3rd full-length album, The Eclipse, exclusively through Bandcamp on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. The Eclipse introduces more straightforward romantic themes than previous albums, as singer/guitarist Andy Milk wrote most of the lyrics from a seaside Cape Cod cottage leading up to his 2011 nuptials. Other themes include adversity to difficulty, complacency with life's mishaps instead of taking ownership and the idea that parents don’t let their kids burn their proverbial hands on the oven anymore.


released December 11, 2012

Dedicated in loving memory of Susan Milk and Ron Gauthier.

Produced by THE VITAL MIGHT and Taylor Barefoot. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Taylor Barefoot Studios in Brighton, MA.

THE VITAL MIGHT is Andy Milk, Rick Gauthier, and Evan Kraker

THE VITAL MIGHT would like to thank Jennifer Milk, Christy Kraker, and Andrea Dionne, and the rest of our families and friends for your
overwhelming support and love over the years. We’d also like to thank Taylor Barefoot, Coo & Howl, Hadrian’s Heroes, and Jen Villa.

Additional vocals on The Eclipse, Cover for Me, and The Greatest Man II by Doug Arsham, Jenny Effron, Jennifer Milk, Ben Didsbury,
Kyra Davies and Joe Kidawski

Copyright © 2012 THE VITAL MIGHT and Magma Music


all rights reserved



THE VITAL MIGHT Boston, Massachusetts

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