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silence…one that’s suspect a cold field, not quite winter peeking, stretch a neck out looking left and right, it seems peaceful you see me, stretch you enjoy effort i calmly step out but you advise caution instead of opening up the door retreat to a warmth by the stove don’t pass off my back make sure you can handle my way make sure you can handle my way make sure you can handle my way aquamarine aquamarine a shade off of green aquamarine these strange lives…inside comparing quality...by outside did you have to make that full move? peek your head and follow through
Fly in Form 04:44
you can’t say i’m not autonomous a megaphone in one of us singular synonymous the butterflies don’t fly in form first person plural and warm two benches on the side steps down to the sand wind whipped eyes try tears silent advice and years restless on my side, help me i can’t say i’m not afraid of this an empty stretch without a kiss “palpable” and meaningless the butterflies don’t fly in form first person plural and warm he came straight clean with me told me “honestly” a life of strangle holds never asked just told restless on my side, help me a dozen years in front of us all behind has seemed like fluff the muse i follow makes fun of us the butterflies will fly in form i’ll hold your hand every day it’s warm help me to find me help me to find you help me to find me help me to find you
ust an ordinary night at the end of an ordinary week i had some friends not show someone that i wanted to know i didn’t hear back from her my prospects dipped under the line but i don’t, i don’t need to be, to be picked up i don't want to search my soul tonight it's not on my dance card i'll fit in where the sound is tight bird of black fire’s got to go i don't want to search my soul tonight i've changed up my radar from hourglass in strobe light scorch the street beneath my wings just an ordinary girl that i met on the train into town was she my long lost love? would i be below with her above? her palm to my pocket she slips paper into denim folds 9 digits now i own i don’t need psycho analysis what i need, i need tonight is a friend, i’ve never had and a place, i’ve never been and a thing, i’ve never tried just try to spread them wide
eyes well up first time i saw you shine your brightness someone else’s way but i let you out i needed to explore you needed to know is this what it’s for? haze of diamonds, fog of sharp tacks always seem so confusing i should be able to quantify but maybe it’s cloudy nature is what defines us when we reconnect, it’s like getting your legs back unsteady at first full of pins and needles overwhelming oasis, watching voice tones we both can’t admit we both feel like home haze of diamonds, fog of sharp tacks always seem so confusing i should be able to quantify but maybe it’s cloudy nature is what defines us a mist of bright crystals, a mist of my crystals if i wanted it to be, i would describe it like a shimmering mist of my crystals, mist of bright crystals if i wanted i wanted it to be, i would describe it like… i won’t sew my eyes shut, if i see you walking with your undivided, your undivided, undivided eyes one of these days i’ll turn my divided eyes back on you
Rick's Leer 05:27
alone again i've got the madman running on empty the treads are falling apart gone again to the liquor store humming of whiskey i'm trading my life for a lark may we learn to know at last that morning shrinks the evening past and may we see in the sky at night the shattered day in speckled white lost again and the sign that i'm under i can't read in the day in the dark round again in circles i'm spinning a bad dream where i end where i start out the door into the snow to and fro i'm last to know as wide the sea as bright the sky live the dream in time to die
send my letters home send my letters past me i want to ignore letters full of fury i did not intend this my mind wanders endless never content for long these places always felt wrong i remember a time i stared right past your climb always wanting elsewhere cold winds chillingly unfair you and me we can pull out of this, find a beach and bed and common focus take it out on me take it out on who you see i deserve my failure i deserve your view of me if i put in effort an effort meant for adults you would live like royalty and know my capability what has been remarkable what has been incredible you gave me no cage you gave me a place to be it's my turn i remember just as well our own private bay, north of bloody finding the height of how we fell if there's more to it, i don't want to know if there's more to it, we'll cut the city off we'll cut the city off, cut the city off we'll take things down, when all we had was toes and sand... my whole world's hand…
Measure 05:21
slow and gradual, but i’m getting there her visage doesn’t pierce keeping me in her messages don’t cause me to overexamine i am the engineer, you’re not longer needed here i have become my only measure regaining control i want it to be mine situated right it moves right situated right it feels right situated right it tastes right friends are acquaintances they don’t measure me i am the engineer, no one else, not she i’ll crush the future…away… no abyss, no abysmal, no dismal display i’m a measure
she came over covered in tears with a list of compounded fears essentially, i covered my ears don’t mind me you’ve got your own problems to heal don’t mind me you’ve got your own reasons to fear as usual, i pulled attention away “what should i do?” is what i would say i should’ve made sure you were ok self-centered, i can’t help it please ignore my approach
our gods they mixed our clay with shapeless flames of yearning an empty sack of earnings frictionless, the wheels keep turning frozen fingers play the bill as silent lips rerun the drill steady now, it starts to rise as awkward wings ignite their skies they tried to find away to witness the transforming inside like locust swarming their last and desperate warning but throw your fist and eat this kill its sparks cast shadows of the thrill manuevering, we take their place and glide across your empty space hurry up, stop and move apart my god i think it's coming super earth and sonic a lethal tasty tonic daily routine so moronic a flash of brilliance lights the sky the arc of fire taunts the night will disintegrate the lie that every day is prone in flight hurry up, stop disprove, restart tap on the window it’s not yet awake fondle the trigger you can make this mistake tiny streams of daily light million times a second sight tap away our fingertips ekg spurts and dips we're meant to find our own way a path is found, our fingers gray maneuvering, we take our place and glide across a crowded space we'll end up weak
Make My Day 04:57
bad machines bad pirouettes bad touching bumpers leave glass clusters and ghost busters distorted metal scene cleaned still leaves crosses, poems and weed it smells like tears, empty beers and chance maybe these machines weren't meant to dance maybe these machines weren't meant to dance but they sing nonsense, the freedom! it makes my day this action portal womb coaster covered in chrome as the night slides past my moon roof even the graves seem to wave and they laugh and they laugh sand on the floor from the day before umbrella, crow bar and a disc blue fluid, oil, extra house keys my second home this is piles of files flutter with the fallen on the way home pick up the kids beware of drivers with airbag shiners the forecast is rain lightening and risk the forecast is rain lightening and risk the pedal depresses beneath my feet rubber grinds aginst the street alarm as the two glances meet with death watching but no work for the man in black today as lights change and the mechanical dance plays until metal partner misses a step until metal partner misses a step until metal partner misses a step with death watching
i don’t know why i had this dream just the other night it felt so strange a sky of doves blocked out the sun and solutions were clearly out of range i’m sorry, i’m sorry i don’t know who i said that to just the other day it felt so real have recent connections resumed a force that was neutralized but now i feel i’m sorry, i’m sorry you saw me taking it slow & sound taking it slow & sound no one is keeping track or time taking it slow & sound i’m so glad the car broke down just the other day we had more time to begin the process of patching up a hole i hope you too, recognize i’m sorry for your hard day but it warms me to see your face
Palillo 04:34
i want someone to care i need a person, a person to spare i want someone to kiss me i need another…to get the gist of me a burning stick lights the way driving the whole day open baby descending shells along the bay she came to see me, a few minutes late a casual friend of service, a glass and a plate trying to dodge another, we hid ‘round the corner suddenly eyes were locking, and lips soon after a burning stick lights the way driving the whole day open baby i need to see you every day a fire is the beacon burning in my belly can’t nail down the logic how can this compel me? palillo ardiente!


THE VITAL MIGHT is a celebration of vitality. From the gym and the trails, to work at their band base camp lair, to the clubs, to the city streets at night, this band brings new meaning to term "power trio" and churns out the freshest arrangements of rock since Stonehenge. Bear witness with their debut album, OBSIDIAN, a 13 song journey that takes you sailing across oceans, hopping between bars and even transforming into igneous birds.


released December 16, 2006

All songs written by THE VITAL MIGHT

Recorded at Tilton School (Tilton, NH), Sound Museum (Brighton, MA), and Taylor Barefoot Studios (Brighton, MA)
Mixed at Taylor Barefoot Studios in Brighton, MA
Produced by THE VITAL MIGHT and Taylor Barefoot
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio in Cambridge, MA
Additional Vocals on #3 by Jennifer MacDonough, Allison Coburn, and Evan Kraker
Lyrics on #5 adapted from a poem by Mike Hendery. Saxophone on #8 by Dana Colley.
Additional lyric and music writing on #10, #7, and #12 by Rigel Ranciato and Evan West.
Artwork by Christopher Brinkworth. Photography by Aaron Dover.



all rights reserved



THE VITAL MIGHT Boston, Massachusetts

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